Mansfield Major Oak report- by Stewart Beard

To all Parents and Swimmers of Bramcote Swimming Club.

The weekend of November 18th/19th was a busy one for the swimmers of Bramcote Swimming Club, attending meets in Bristol, Leicester and Mansfield.

The biggest squad went to Mansfield for the Major Oak meet at which myself and four other parent volunteers looked after the swimmers. I must thank Katie Barker, Kerry Morris, Vickie Brandom and James Loades, for not only looking after our squad, but also ensuring that swimmers from Nottingham Leander, Calverton and Bingham and any other club that happened to pass by, were looked after over the two days.

The Gala is always a great opportunity to achieve County qualification times as well as qualification times for the East Midland Championships, especially for the younger members of the group.

A total of 14 swimmers attended the meet with ages ranging from 9 to 12 years, so a very young squad, especially when compared to some of the other clubs present who had many older children attending. Medals were presented to all swimmers who finished 6th or above in their particular age group for which ever stroke they competed in. The medals for the top three positions were slightly bigger, and all were engraved with the race and position achieved.

In all, the swimmers achieved 72 PB’s, of which many were County and some were East Midland qualification times. A great achievement (well done). Bramcote swimmers achieved 75 top six positions of which 29 were 1st place, 16 2nd  place and 11 3rd place, with 19, 4th, 5th or 6th. In total. 75% of the medals won were top three positions. (Again, well done)

In the Team event, Bramcote finished 3rd, only 13.5 points behind 2nd spot, which was a great achievement for such a young group of swimmers.

In the Top Girl event, out of the 123 girls who finished 6th or above, Bramcote had 6 girls in the top 25 positions. In the Top Boy event, out of 103 boys who finished 6th or above, Bramcote had 1 boy finish in the top 25. (The majority of the Squad was Girls!!)

This was a very successful Gala for the squad that attended, and once again, as with previous Galas that I have helped with, their behaviour was impeccable.

Thank you and well done.

Stewart Beard.


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