Licenced Race Night

Thanks to everyone who supported our December Race night. It was a bit hectic at the start with lots of withdrawals due to illness but once we got going it went really smoothly-thanks to all our amazing helpers. Well done everyone!

Results are available here. Please note ‘x’ indicates the reserve swims. These times will still count and the results have all been sent to Rankings.

Accepted entry list– please note that ‘x’ denotes the reserve swim. All reserve swims have been accepted (updated 16th December 10:58)

Race Night conditions

Race Night schedule

Race Night entry form

Following on from the success of our first licenced Race Night in May 2018, the club Swim Committee (who organise badge galas, club champs and our annual open meet) has decided to organise further in house licenced Race Nights. Race nights will be licenced at Level 4 (same as club champs)  so that that swimmers’ times will go on Swim England Rankings and can then be used to enter other competitions, including Counties. The date of the next Race night will be Tuesday 17th December 2019. 

This has come about because the cost of entering licenced open competitions is increasing for parents (averaging £6 per event to enter), so we decided to try having our own to reduce the annual cost of competition for parents. But there is a catch!

We are going to need LOTS of help with running the competition. The only job for which a DBS check is required is that of team manager; some jobs need no previous experience at all and training will be given for others. See below for what the various roles involve. 


Entry to the race night is free of charge but an entry form MUST be completed in advance to allow the event to run as smoothly as possible. As in a badge gala, badges may be achieved if you swim fast enough- the times required will be posted on the notice board-and badges will be available to purchase at the desk in the weeks following the race night. 


Summary of help needed

Officials– we need 12 timekeepers and 2 chief timekeepers. If can use a stopwatch, you can do this job! We can use you even if you haven’t done any training but we do need at least 6 qualified timekeepers (1 per lane) and so we will run a timekeepers course during Sunday evening training on Sunday 6th May, 7pm. Please sign up for this if you can. We also need 3 turns judges- you do need to do the timekeeper training for this job.


Recorder– to enter the results on a spreadsheet that will already have the swimmers’ names on. We need 2 people for this, one to read out the times and the other to type them in. No experience needed. 


Announcer– to read out the safety announcement at the start and to announce each heat (i.e. 50 metres freestyle, heat 1). No experience needed. 


Team manager– to look after the swimmers and call them for their race. 3 TMs needed for the earlier events as the swimmers will be young and nervous! We can probably manage with 2 TMs for the second half of the night. TMs must be DBS checked but if this is a role that interests you, let us know and we can arrange a DBS check and appropriate training


Steward– to line the swimmers up in heats and get them to the start. This works well with about 3 people to keep things moving. No previous experience needed. 

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