Bramcote Swimming Club Competition Schedule

Key: Red = Open Meet; Blue = Club Gala; Green = Notts/Mids ASA Gala; Black = League/Trophy Gala; Brown = Other Events 

League/Trophy Gala

Below are the club fixtures for the coming months. The open meets listed are being targeted by the club and qualifying swimmers will be supported by a coach and/or team manager. In the event of a clash with a league or trophy gala, selected swimmers are expected to give priority to the team gala.

Date Competition Venue – Warm Up Age At More Info
29/06/2019 LLeisure trophy gala Bramcote

5.30pm warm-up

29/06/2019 More Info
13-14/07/2019 Notts ASA Summer Gala Harvey Hadden 14/07/2019 More Info
14/07/2019 BSC Academy Race Night Bramcote LC 14/07/2019 More Info
31/08/2019 Sheffield City Sprints Meet Pond’s Forge 31/08/2019 More Info
07/09/2019 BSC Club Champs Session 1 University of Nottingham 31/12/2019 More Info
10/09/2019 BSC Club Champs Session 2 Bramcote LC 31/12/2019 More Info
14/09/2019 JC Dobb league Round 4 Hucknall 02/11/2019 More Info
24/09/2019 BSC Club Champs Session 3 Bramcote LC 31/12/2019 More Info
28/09/2019 BSC Club Champs Session 4 Bramcote LC 31/12/2019 More Info
5-6/10/2019 Leicester Penguins Open Meet Braunstone 31/12/2019 More Info
12/10/2019 National Arena League Round 1 tbc 31/12/2019 More Info
12/10/2019 JC Dobb league Round 5 tbc 02/11/2019 More Info
02/11/2019 JC Dobb league Round 6 tbc 02/11/2019 More Info
02-03/11/2019 Midland Winter Championships tbc 31/12/2019 More Info
09/11/2019 National Arena League Round 2 tbc 31/12/2019 More Info
24/11/2019 Bramcote SC Annual Open meet Bramcote LC 24/11/2019 More Info
30/11/18-1/12/18 Notts ASA Festive Frenzy Harvey Hadden tbc More Info
07/12/2019 (new date) Notts ASA Stage 1 trophy gala A team tbc 07/12/2019 More Info
07/12/2019 (new date) Notts ASA Stage 1 trophy gala B team tbc 07/12/2019 More Info
14/12/2019 National Arena League Round 3 tbc 31/12/2019 More Info

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