Derby and Notts Round 1 report

Saturday 21st April was the start of the 2018 Derby and Notts League for Bramcote’s 9-12 year old swimmers. There are three rounds; in April, May and June. Bramcote has made the ‘A’ final for the last two years, and racing against last year’s fellow ‘A’ finalist CABSC (Calverton and Bingham) as well as other strong competition at Worksop Leisure Centre, meant that Round 1 was never going to be easy!

Bramcote and CABSC were neck-and-neck throughout the entire gala, with the two clubs taking first places in 35 of the 47 events.

After having to wait until the next morning to discover the final scores from the gala (technical glitch), we were delighted to have won the gala by just five points!

This was a great first round performance, especially with a couple of swimmers missing. This stands us in good stead for Round 2 in May, where the competition is not likely to be any easier.

  1. Bramcote – 230
  2. CABSC – 225
  3. Mansfield – 148
  4. Worksop – 146
  5. Nottingham Leander B – 136
  6. Belper Marlins B – 85

Well done to all swimmers for all of the fantastic racing and team support, and thanks to the parents for your continued support and dedication!

Bring on Round 2 – Save the date (19th May) in your diaries!

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