Club Committee and Documents

The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers and is responsible for overseeing the running of the club. Committee meetings take place approximately once a month on a Monday or Friday.

Some positions on the committee are elected, others are co-opted. There are also many other volunteer roles available in the club and we are always on the look-out for new helpers. If you are interested in becoming involved, please get in touch.

Current committee members are as follows:

Role Role Holder
Chairperson Martin Heathfield

Vice-Chair James Morley
Secretary Debbie Blagg

Treasurer Tiffany Granville

Assistant Treasurer Liz Pickard
Assistant Treasurer Stewart Beard
Welfare Officer-swim Andy Granville

Head Coach Dianne Mann Dianne Sep17
AquaStars Head Coach Lenka Tanner

Committee member Rob MacDonald
Committee member Tony West
Committee member Ingrid West
Committee member Sally Poon
Committee member Tom Lyons

All club members and their relatives/carers and club officials are required to abide by the relevant codes of conduct:

Also, Bramcote Swimming Club is committed to the Swim England Code of Ethics and to Wavepower, Swim England child safeguarding policy and procedures.

SwimMark Accreditation is a ‘quality mark’ based on Swim England’s Club Development model. It recognises, nationally and regionally, clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and high quality services for the benefit of their members.

The benefits of being a SwimMark Accredited Club are mainly seen through the process itself. The programme enhances club management, strengthens the structures and unites the club with a philosophy and set of programmes that ensures the best environment is available for our swimmers Some key outcomes and benefits are listed below:

Swimmer Achievement
  • Enables clubs to help swimmers achieve their full potential. SwimMark is a planning tool based upon the needs of swimmers and strives to provide them with the best possible environment.
  • National recognition that we are providing a high quality service for all our members. National recognition is received through the achievement of SwimMark accreditation. As such, a list of all SwimMark accredited clubs is published by Swim England.
  • Recognition by Sport England that our club is safe, effective and child friendly through the award of Sport England Club Mark status.
  • Resource materials to support best practice are available to the club, ensuring that our club is able to demonstrate good practice throughout its daily activities.
  • Enhanced access to various sources of funding. Clubs who are working towards or have achieved SwimMark Accreditation receive discounts for various swimming related activities, as well as access to additional sources of funding. For example. SwimMark Accredited Clubs are prioritized to form links with local schools and PESSCL (Physical Education, School Sport Club Links). Funding is available to support school-club link projects. In addition it can be used as a negotiation tool with Local Authorities, in terms of seeking additional water time or a reduction in its cost.
Other Benefits of SwimMark to our club
  • A better organised club, with a framework for spreading volunteer workload.
  • Greater support from Swim England and other networks.
  • Club sustainability, longevity and development.

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