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Thanks to everyone who has supported this year’s Club Champs. Thanks to all our officials, team managers, stewards, recorders, announcer, refreshments organisers, coaches. A brilliant team effort!

Final overall placings are-

Boys BAGCAT competition overall placings

Girls BAGCAT competition overall placings

Diddy competition overall placings

Results of each session are shown below.

Session 4 results-BAGCATs

Session 4 results-Diddy

Session 3 results-BAGCATs

Session 2 results- BAGCATS

Session 1 results- BAGCATs

Session 1 results- Diddy

Here is an explanation of BAGCATs for those who haven’t encountered it before

BAGCATS explained


Results and overall placings for the 2019 Academy club champs are shown below-if you are not familiar with this format, here is a short explanation- ‘Seed time’ is the swimmer’s best time to date and will show as NT if they haven’t swum this event before. ‘Finals time’ is the time achieved for this event on the night. Points are awarded for each event based on the swimmer’s placing within their group and the number of swimmers entered in the group. The total points for each swimmer are then used to calculate the overall placing within each group.

Group 1 results

Group 2 results

Group 3 results

Group 4 results

Pre-squad results

Squad development results

BSC Academy club champs 2019 overall placings in each each group (scroll down for all groups-one page per group)

Club Championships

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