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Thanks to all the swimmers who took part in the BSC Academy club champs on 27th November.

Results for each group and and the overall placings are posted below

BSC Academy club champs overall placings

Orange group results

Green group results

Blue group results

Red group results

Pre-squad group results


Final overall placings for BAGCAT and Diddy competition are posted below.

Girls Diddy competition-overall placings

Boys Diddy competition-overall placings

Girls BAGCAT competition-overall placings

Boys BAGCAT competition-overall placings

Here is an explanation of BAGCATs for those who haven’t encountered it before

BAGCATS explained

Results from each session are shown below

Session 4 results-BAGCATs

Session 3 results-BAGCATs

Session 3 results-Diddy

Session 2 results-BAGCATs

Session 1 results-BAGCATs

Session 1 results-Diddy


Club Championships


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