Academy Race night

Many thanks to everyone who helped with Academy Race night on 14th July.

The results from the night can be viewed here

Badges earned are indicated by SPEE, BRNZ, SILV, GOLD, PLAT next to the time achieved. See here for more information and the times needed to achieve these awards. Please note that these times are set by Swim England, not by the club.

You may not yet be eligible for a badge but if you have swum an event for the first time, or improved on your previous best time for an event, you can purchase a ‘pb ribbon’. An improvement on your previous best is indicated on the results sheet by a minus (-) sign.

Badges will be on sale at the desk in the weeks following Race Night, starting Tuesday 23rd July. Badge + certificate are £3, stroke flashes are £1.50 and pb ribbons are £1.

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