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Bramcote Swimming Club welcomes membership enquiries from swimmers of all ages and abilities. We have high calibre, supportive coaching staff, and excellent training facilities.

In our Academy programme, we welcome young swimmers of 5 to 8 years of age who can swim 20 metres. To find out more about our Academy programme, please click here.

For competent swimmers aged 7yr+ (including Masters), we have several squads, based on age and ability. To find out more about our squads and session times please click here.

For general enquiries or messages not related to new membership please get in touch with us here

If you are interesting in joining Bramcote Swimming Club or would like to come for a free taster session or just to visit, chat and see what a session is like, please provide as much as you can of the information below. These details will be used to help the coaching team decide which session is best for you to attend.

Please enter the name of the person who is interested in coming for a FREE taster session
Please enter the date of birth of the person who is interested in coming for a FREE taster session
Don't worry if you don't have badges or times, just tell us a little bit about your swimming ability.
e.g. Please let us know in advance of any medical information or disability. Do you have siblings already in the club?

All club members are expected to abide by our codes of conduct.

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