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Bramcote Swimming Club is a competitive yet friendly swimming club, based in Nottingham. We cater for a variety of abilities, from improver to national competitor. From the young to the young at heart!

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The Club was founded in 1965, when our ‘home’ pool at Bramcote Leisure Centre was built. The club has since enjoyed continuous activity and a strong membership, helping thousands of swimmers to develop their interest in the sport.

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Bramcote swimmers' successes at last weekend of Counties

The final weekend of this year's Notts ASA County Champs took place at Mansfield this weekend. It got off to a great start with the distance freestyle events, with Josh Harris winning the senior boys 1500m Freestyle senior trophy and Yanna Mihaylova taking her place on the podium in the junior girls 800m Freestyle. Well done to both swimmers!

Other medallists in these events were Ryan Wilcox (3rd) and Summer Simpson (3rd). Well done also to Declan Guest who pulled out a cracking personal best, taking 35 seconds off his previous time.

The distance events decided the final overall placings in the NottsCat awards. These are awards for overall performance in several categories of individual event. (sprint, 100s, form, distance and medley). Massive congratulations to Ellie Loades who was crowned champion in the 10/11yr  group. Congratulations also to Ryan Wilcox and Josh Harris who were runners-up in their respective age groups (15yr and 16/over).

Ellie Loades, Girsl 10/11yr county Cahmpion

Ellie Loades, Girsl 10/11yr County Champion

The rest of the weekend was taken up with relay events. There was mixed success here. We saw some really exciting racing and many teams qualifying for finals but there was a smattering of disqualifications-mainly with excitement getting the better of the swimmers on take-overs! The highlight of the relays was victory (by 6sec!) for the 9/10-yr girls medley Jess Brandom, Alexandra Arlachova, Jess Cater and Evie Johnson). They also bagged silver in the freestyle relay. The 12/u girls teams also won 2 medals, silver in the medley (Jess Wright, Ellie Loades, Kate Morris, Emily Morris) and bronze in the freestyle (Emily, Lucy Mitchell, Ellie, Kate). Other teams qualified for finals but didn't quite make it on to the podium-girls 14/u freestyle team (Yanna Mihaylova, Ella Beard, Summer Simpson, Olivia Humphrey) and the boys 16/u freestyle and medley teams (Ryan Wilcox, Michael Arlachov, Charlie Birch, Josh Harris). So a very exciting couple of days for the swimmers and supporters with loads of mad cheering and banging of thunder sticks.

Girls 9/10yr medley relay champions

Girls 9/10yr medley relay champions

Girls 9/10yr freestyle relay medallists

Girls 9/10yr freestyle relay medallists

12/u girls relay medallists

12/u girls relay medallists

Thanks to everyone for supporting the swimmers and the club. Thanks also to all those helping on poolside throughout the competition, coaches, team managers and officials. A real team effort!


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Counties report-the story so far

Congratulations to all the Bramcote swimmers who qualified for individual events at this year’s Nottinghamshire County Championships:

Ella Beard, Elly Blacknell, Elsie Boot, Matilda Boot, Jessica Brandom, Hannah Edwards, Isla Gordon, Olivia Humphrey, Evie Johnson, Ellie Loades, Yanna Mihaylova, Emily Morris, Kate Morris, Naomi Owen, Summer Simpson, Lilac Vigor, Jessica Wright, Michael Arlachov, Tomos Beech, Charlie Birch, Charlie Canavan, Matthew Clark, Benjamin Foulston, Declan Guest, Joshua Harris, Benjamin Harris, Kieran Howard, Ross Large, Sammy Rahimzadeh, Matthew Spalton, Connor Wilcox, Ryan Wilcox

The competition has taken place over 2 weekends to date and most of the individual events are completed now. It has been a very successful meet for our swimmers full of personal bests, finals, medals and trophies and several swimmers going fast enough to achieve qualification times for the East Midland Regional Championships in April and May. All medal winners and those making finals are listed below.

Special mention must go to Joshua Harris for winning no fewer than 5 senior county titles and finishing on the podium in 3 other events. Also, to Ryan Wilcox, who although is one of the youngest in the senior age group managed a podium place twice and has won 13 medals in his own age group.

In the younger age groups, a massive well done to Ellie Loades and Kate Morris who have each won 8 medals in their respective age groups.

Many of the award winners and finalists achieved Midland times. Well done to those who experienced the excitement of achieving Midland QTs for the first time-Kieran Howard, Emily Morris and Charlie Canavan.

The final weekend of competition includes only 2 more individual events, the 800m and 1500m Free. These will decide the final overall placings in the NottsCat awards. And after that, there is the excitement of the relay galas!

So there’s still lots to look forward to. Keep track of it all at the Notts ASA County Champs webpage.

Go Bramcote!

Multi-Disability medals

Elly Blacknell- 50 Bk, 50Br, 50Fr

Isla Gordon- 100Bk, 50Bk, 50Fr

10/11yr age group

Ellie Loades- 2nd 400Fr; 2nd 100Br; 50Bk finalist; 1st 200Br; 1st 200IM; 1st 100Fr final; 2nd 100Fly final; 50Fr final; 1st 200Fr; 2nd 100Bk final; 100Br finalist

Jessica Wright- 2nd 200Bk; 2nd 50Bk final

Kieran Howard- 50Fly finalist; 3rd 100Fly final

Charlie Canavan- 100Br finalist

12yr age group

Kate Morris- 3rd 100Br final; 50Bk finalist; 1st 200Br; 100Fr finalist; 1st 50Fly final; 3rd 400IM; 3rd 100Fly final; 2nd 50Fr final; 3rd 200Fr; 100Bk finalist; 3rd 50Br final

Emily Morris- 100Fly finalist; 100Bk finalist

Sammy Rahimzadeh- 100Fly finalist

13yr age group

Summer Simpson- 3rd 400Fr; 100Fr finalist; 50Fly finalist; 3rd 100Fly final; 3rd 200Fr; 1st 200Fly; 100Bk finalist

Connor Wilcox- 3rd 200Br; 100Br finalist; 100Bk finalist; 100Fly finalist

14yr age group

Yanna Mihaylova- 3rd 400Fr; 100Br finalist; 3rd 200Br; 50Br finalist

Olivia Humphrey- 100Fr finalist; 3rd 400IM; 100Bk finalist

Ella Beard- 100Br finalist

15yr age group

Ryan Wilcox- 2nd 200 Br; 1st 200IM; 1st 100Fr final; 2nd 50Fly final; 1st 400Fr (3rd senior); 3rd 200Bk; 2nd 100Br final; 50Bk finalist; 1st 200Fly; 3rd 100Bk final; 50Br finalist; 2nd 400IM (3rd senior); 2nd 200Fr; 2nd 100Fly final; 3rd 50Free final

Charlie Birch- 3rd 50Bk final; 100Bk finalist; 50Fr finalist

Declan Guest- 3rd 50 Fly final; 100Fly finalist

16/0ver age group

Joshua Harris- 3rd 200Br; 1st 200IM (1st senior); 1st 400Fr (1st senior); 1st 200Bk (1st senior); 3rd 100Br final (3rd senior); 1st 200Fly (1st senior); 3rd 100 Bk final (3rd senior); 1st 400IM (1st senior); 2nd 200Fr (2nd senior); 100Fly finalist

Ross Large- 2nd 400Fr (2nd senior)


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